D4.4 Final Framework Demonstrator Report
The conceptual framework of UrbanData2Decide is illustrated in Figure 1 by an open cycle of mass data, information, decisions and measures driven by citizens and policy-makers. Download
D4.3 Urban Decision Maker Implementation Report
The different prototypes illustrate different ways of how municipal decision making is supported by data visualisation. Download
D1.3 Final Project Report
Urban decision makers are nowadays faced with both unprecedented challenges as well as new opportunities as the environment around them grows ever more complex. Download
D4.2 Proof of Concept and Demonstrator Implementation
Visualising data can help us understand it better and can help us make decisions. The Urban Data 2 Decide project has produced a range of different visualisations, each aimed at a different type of user and geared towards a different type of decision. Download
D4.1 Main Architecture and Database Layout
As complex systems and interaction spaces, cities and urban areas are steadily confronted with a variety of new challenges, problems and conflicts and have to continuously make important and well-founded decisions to react to or proactively identify them. Download